Carpentry Services

Schreinerarbeiten Allrounderservices

Carpentry is the backbone of Allrounder Services. As a qualified Carpenter and with access to a fully equipped workshop, I have the means to make your dreams become a reality.

You always wanted a treehouse in the back garden for the kids, a walk-in wardrobe, shelving in the cellar perhaps, or something simple like getting that door fixed that is always sticking. If so then you are in exactly the right place.

Call me today to get a no-obligation, free estimation for your project-large or small and get the ball rolling on your home improvements.       

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“We ourselves, our children anyway and all our visitors who see the false floor for the first time, are very enthusiastic! During the joint planning and then also during the construction we saw that there was a professional at work; everything was prepared with great care and finally fit perfectly into each other during the assembly. Thanks again for your great work!”

Christian (Winterthur)

I am very satisfied with the quality of the work as well as with the price-performance ratio.

I can definitely recommend Martin Wilman from Allrounder Services.

Valeria (Nänikon)